AGC Construction Leadership Council (CLC) tours JetHeat manufacturing facilities

  February 28th, 2017

LIVONIA, MICHIGAN - The Construction Leadership Council (CLC) is a group of up and coming construction industry leaders that is part of the Associated General Contractors (AGC) Michigan group. The CLC group toured the JetHeat manufacturing facilities where they were shown the state of the art assembly and test of the JetHeat product.

Quite a lot goes on behind the scenes to deliver a world-class product of this caliber that can deliver thousands of hours of highly capable, reliable, highly efficient heat wherever it is needed. The CLC group was granted a behind the scenes look at the technology behind the manufacturing.

Additionally the Cahill team answered question about a wide range of current and potential applications followed by a live demonstration of a JetHeat unit.

About Cahill Services

Cahill Services, LLC is a Houston-based provider of specialty rental services to customers in the oil & gas, refining, industrial, petrochemicals, utilities and related industries where a high level of technical knowledge of the business and customer needs is required. Cahill management includes George Walker, Chief Executive Officer; Derek Foster, Chief Financial Officer and Dennis Haller, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, who have more than 100 years combined experience in the specialty rental industry. Cahill is backed by a $100 million line of equity from Pine Brook.

The Construction Leadership Council, tours the JetHeat manufacturing facilities.

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