Cahill Services, LLC

Initial Investment Date: July 2015

Business Description

Cahill Services, LLC is a Houston-based provider of specialty rental services to customers in the oil & gas, refining, industrial, petrochemicals, utilities and related industries where a high level of technical knowledge of the business and customer needs is required.

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Management Team Biographies

George Walker - Cahill Services

George Walker

Mr. Walker has roughly 35 years of domestic and international expertise in the industrial service sector, dealing with all aspects of commercial business development in both mature and developing markets.

Mr. Walker retired from Aggreko LLC in July 2014 after 27 years, having been part of the management team that grew the North American business from $3m revenue in 1987 to almost $600m in 2014. Twelve of these years (2001-2012) were in the capacity of President of the North American region and Executive Director on the Main Board of Aggreko PLC.

Mr. Walker joined Aggreko via the acquisition of Mobile Air Conditioning Inc. in 1987 after 6+ years in this refrigeration rental business and has been a part of or has led the acquisition of over 10 companies during his years at Aggreko.

Walker has been a leader in all sizes and types of businesses including a non-profit organization, small privately held businesses and the growing publicly traded business of Aggreko.

Derek Foster - Cahill Services

Derek Foster

Mr. Foster is a British National and Scottish Chartered Accountant with nearly 25 years' experience in the accounting profession and industrial service sector.

After qualification, Mr. Foster worked for international accounting firms in the UK, Bermuda and Luxembourg. Mr. Foster joined Aggreko in 2000 and has had a wide range of financial roles in the company from Group Financial Controller in Glasgow, UK to Senior Vice President of Finance for Aggreko - Americas.

Foster's experience includes the obvious finance activities but also includes systems, strategy, procurement, continuous improvement and significant M & A. Additionally Foster has held roles in operations and general management during his career.

Dennis Haller - Cahill Services

Dennis Haller

Mr. Haller has over thirty years as an executive in the industrial services sector with domestic and international experiences.

Dennis started in this industry in 1986 when he joined NuTemp, a specialist refrigeration and cooling rental company which grew from $2M in revenues to $25M during his tenure. He held positions as VP of Sales and Marketing and President (1997-2004) during this time and was the lead executive when the company was sold from private ownership to public, and then again when sold from public to private equity ownership.

Dennis joined Aggreko from 2004 thru 2015, holding roles of VP of Sales and Marketing (twice) and VP Canadian Business Unit and was part of the North American Executive Management team during this time. He led a successful acquisition and integration initiative for Aggreko in Canada which resulted in significant growth in the Canadian market for Aggreko.

Dennis has extensive experience in leading, managing and transforming sales organizations as well as sales strategy, deployment, markets, market potential, systems, customer service and training. Aggreko North America grew from $180M to nearly $600M during the time he was part of Aggreko.

Lance Wolgemuth - Cahill Services / Cahill Heating Rentals

Lance Wolgemuth

Mr. Wolgemuth has been involved with various aspects of the Oil and Gas Industry for the past 10 years. As President of Drive Rental Corp. since 2012, Lance has brought the most innovative flameless heating technology to the market and has been the driving force behind the rapid growth and expansion for Drive Rental Corp.

During this time under his direction, Drive Rental Corp.'s fleet and market share developed significantly to become a successful specialized equipment rental company.

Wolgemuth is proactive in working with manufacturing in prototyping, testing, and packaging new technology for the industry.

Instilling a company culture of exceptional customer service has always been and continues to be his top priority.