Cahill Services Acquires Intellectual Property and Distribution Rights for JetHeat Flameless Heater Products

January 12, 2017

HOUSTON, TEXAS - Cahill Services, LLC ("Cahill"), a specialty rental services business serving companies in energy and related industries, today announced the acquisition of the Intellectual Property and worldwide distribution rights of JetHeat LLC., a specialty flameless heating product. Cahill has formed a new division called Cahill Specialty Sales to focus on the sale, distribution and support of the specialty products, headed by former Aggreko executive Dennis Haller. JetHeat is one of the key products used in the Cahill Rental Heating business based in Red Deer, AB Canada which was the first acquisition by Cahill Services in 2016. Cahill was formed in 2015 by a group of former Aggreko executives.

Headquartered in Detroit, JetHeat developed a unique heating technology of a micro turbine heating solution which delivers high levels of heat and airflow with substantial energy efficiency. The diesel powered product is fully self-contained and portable, and does not require any electrical power. The product was originally designed to meet the strict heating and safety requirements of the drilling and oil-field services industries, but has also been used in large construction, utility, pipeline and industrial applications due to its fuel efficiency and unique ability to deliver large volumes of heated air through long distances of temporary ductwork (up to 500' or 10 stories high). The JetHeat product has been used on projects in some of the most remote cold-weather climates, ranging from northern Alberta to the north slope of Alaska. In climates such as these, the product's ability to cold start and reliably deliver effective heat with high airflow has proven critical.

"The unique design and effectiveness of the JetHeat product is one of the primary reasons Cahill entered the rental specialty heating market and is a very exciting product to add to our specialty sales business," said George Walker, Cahill Services CEO. "With great technology, supported by outstanding manufacturing processes, this product offers our customers a robust and reliable heat source under the most extreme conditions with significant fuel savings to competitive flameless and indirect fired heating products. Every heating application has its own unique challenges and projects in very remote areas simply must perform. We look forward to bringing the product to a broader market across North America and expanding globally in the future."

The JetHeat product will continue to be manufactured by Performance Assembly Systems based in Detroit, Michigan. Cahill Specialty Sales will be based in Detroit as well.

"I am very excited to be leading the Cahill Specialty Sales group and working with the JetHeat and Performance Assembly Solutions team to achieve our growth objectives, as we enter the next phase of our company's evolution," said Dennis Haller, Chief Sales and Marketing officer of Cahill Services.

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Cahill is backed by a $100 million line of equity from Pine Brook.

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